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Waimak District                

New Zealand is full of stunning beauty wherever you look.  Sadly, our Creator rarely gets credit for His handiwork.

Our desire is simply to please God Almighty by worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth with others who believe His word.

If a Bible-believing group interests you, come and join us as we dig into the word of God every week, and worship our Creator in the biblical tradition.

We meet in Oxford, just a pleasant 20 minute drive inland from Rangiora, Waimakariri District, North Canterbury.

What's Our Angle?


 Every church or group has an angle -we'll be right up front with ours: we believe the Bible, and only the Bible, to be our final authority in all matters of faith and practice!

We started in February 2020 as a small group of Christians concerned about the liberal theology, charismatic error, and lack of Biblical teaching in our local churches. So we committed to meet together on a weekly basis, to worship God, encourage one another, and study the Bible as God's preserved and trustworthy words.

Join us as we journey together through life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Community to belong to

According to the Bible, a church is not a building or a denomination: a church is a group of people who gather together as a body to worship, learn, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not into "religion".   We are not part of a denomination. We don't follow fads, opinions or philosophies.  Our passion is to know God by studying HIs word, and then seeking to obey Him in all things.

As John the Baptist said about Jesus - "He must increase, but I must decrease".

small group of Christians who meet together weekly for Bible study, worship and fellowship.
Come and join us if you believe the Bible is the Word of God, and want to grow in your faith.


 Teaching, Worship    

 and Bible study




North Canterbury

Contact Glen  021-0890-2114 
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Are You Saved?


We don't have all the answers.  But we do have a God who knows all things and who wrote us a Book that addresses every question and every issue in some way.

Whether they are Bible questions, issues in your life or questions about our church, everything is on the table - feel free to ask!

Ring, text, email or if you would like,  we can set up a time to meet!